Professional Travels

for ARD-Radio (Deutschlandfunk, Deutsche Welle, Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Südwestrundfunk u.a.)
Year Country Topic of feature programmes
1989 Cameroon and Ivory Coast African music; islamic sultans
1990 South Africa Release of Nelson Mandela
1991 South Africa and Namibia Media in Africa
1993 Cuba Political travel feature
1993 Gambia, Senegal, Sierra Leone Traditional Medecine
1994 South Africa The first free elections
1994 Cameroon Democratization
1995 Guyana Political travel feature
1995 Cameroon Research for German television
1995 Kenia Nairobi, an african metropolis
1995 Niger and Mali Life on the river Niger
1996 Israel The immigration of ethiopian jews
1997 South Africa White farmers and apartheid;
Life in black townships
1997 Tanzania Deforestation
1998 China Artists in Bejing
Vietnam Economic changes in Hanoi
Bangladesch The Grameen-bank
1999 Nigeria Change from military to civil rule
1999 Ghana Structural Adjustment Programmes
2000 Libya The end of UN-sanctions
2001 Malaisia Successful multiculturalism?
Pakistan Cashmere conflict
2002 South African The white minority
2002 Jamaica The writer Peter-Paul Zahl in his jamaican exile
2003 Spain Islam in Spain
2003 Kenia Aga Khan Development Network and the „Academies of Excellence“
2004 Tübingen/London/Geneva The Aga Khan and the Ismailis
2004 Egypt Aga Khan-projects in Egypt
2005 Libya The end of a „rogue state“
Marocco Music initiatives of AKDN
2006 Netherlands The International Criminal Court
U.S.A. The International Criminal Court
Tanzania Micro-credits; AKDN projects on Zanzibar
(Madrasa Resource Centre)
2007 South Africa 10 Years after Truth and Reconciliation Commission;
Struggle against Aids
2008 Liberia Women Power in Liberia; Truth and Reconciliation Commission; Life of ex-combattants
2009 Liberia International Colloquium on Women's Empowerment,
Leadership Development, International Peace and Security